Injury Ends with Reconstructive Surgery - $225K


Personal Injury

In March 2016, Sacramento & Elk Grove-based John M. O'Brien & Associates settled a case against a big box store on behalf of a man who suffered a torn biceps tendon when a falling barbecue grill struck him at Home Depot. He went to the store to buy a new grill and asked a young female associate for assistance in obtaining the grill from an upper shelf. After locating the grill he wished to buy, the associate moved a portable staircase to the high shelf where the grills were stored. As she struggled with the heavy item, our client moved forward to help her. In the process, the associate dropped the 100-pound grill from a height of approximately 12 feet directly on our client. The impact of the falling merchandise ruptured his biceps tendon requiring a surgical repair. The case settled for $225K shortly after the complaint was filed.